Ruben Ovanesov


Александровская слобода. Александров. 2008
Night city. 2003

The exhibition "Poetry of Painting" of Ruben Avanesov was not lost among the huge variety of personal and group exhibitions of the Moscow Union of Artists. In his work, he acts as a successor of the best traditions of the landscape painting as part of the Moscow school of painting. This comes from his teachers - Altaeva S. and G. Pasko, as well as artists who creatively close to Ovanesov - V. Shcherbakova, G. Sysolyatin and A. Sukhovetsky. The influence of these artists is not so much in formal methodology, but in relation to the attainment of the emotional depth and diversity of the world. The subject of human nature, images of Armenia and Central Russian landscapes, urban motifs, still lifes and interiors - all this is a reflection of the inner world of the artist Ruben Ovanesov, artistic expression of the images he creates.

Radoslava Konechna

Газета "Новости МСХ" №3-2013