Ruben Ovanesov


Cover - Poetry of painting
Photo of Ruben Ovanesov

The Earth gives a birth to artists of different talents, and you begin to appreciate the work especially of those authors who are able to see and experience as a fairy tale, even the one little moment of life enjoying the wealth of boundless range of talents, which opens to our view in the museum or the exhibition of our contemporaries. Ruben Ovanesov is one of these luckies.

Not trivial, "longing for the beautiful", but rather the inability to exist without constant realization of poetic images of the beautiful world motivates him. This beautiful world is around all of us, but not everyone reveals its complexity and beauty.

Perhaps the very special Ovanesov's vision allows him to find songs still calm and contemplative, and unexpectedly sharp. You can see it in Hodynskoe Pole with its spaciousness, so contrasting with the vertical of the Ostankino; in Moscow flashing, even on weekdays, with festive lights at night; in a placer of home of the ancient Yerevan, crowned with precious iridescent colors on the snowy peaks of Ararat ; in the Moscow Zoo with its magical resurgent flashes of light under the morning sun. It isn't a place neither for the family's holiday, nor a collection of natural artifacts, but some wonderful country with a puppet-turreted castles and its "not real" houses which only for birds. And actually this is a miracle, then you can find a number of quiet corners in every sense of life. It is an edge of inspiration for Ruben Ovanesov there.

A significant part of his work consists of plenary landscape and species of not hurried life of province. Admiring the beauty of those places that far from the bustling cities, Ovanesov focuses not only on the natural beauty of light and air-filled spaces, but also humanizes them, creating a rhythm of his works on what is the fruit of human works, whether it is even noticeable to its soaring bell tower, at least a tiny birdhouse merges with the barrel. And here I want to emphasize how the author sees an organic connection between man and nature. Temple, keeping the harmony created by hands of the ancient architects for centuries, or plain cottage, a provincial town street or field, which is nestled amid the windswept little farm – everything is merged with trees, grass, sky dome, all combined colors, which each work a specified full-scale state. Also Ovanesov makes composition with details, combining natural and man-made, woven into the fabric of common life branches, bending to the banks adhering boats and a string of houses on the lake's shore of the Finnish town Lahti.

The world is big and beautiful, and you can find the place for beauty in it.




Ph.D. in the art studies

Poetry of painting, Moscow 2012