Ruben Ovanesov

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Painting as a quest

Ruben Vartanovich Ovanesov was born in 1952 in Kislovodsk of Stavropol territory. His creativity was managet in Moscow, by “the Honored art worker of Russia” S.P. Altaeva. In last years he has worked in art workshop of “Honored Artist of Russia” G.I. Pasko. Ruben Ovanesov is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, the Moscow branch of painting. He repeatedly took part in All-Russia and Moscow art exhibitions. In his works Ruben Ovanesov followers realistic trend of painting, consistently develops the theme of cityscape. In his paintings the theme of Old Moscow is interestingly presented, the hues of changes in seasons are inspiredly reproduced, the general moods of the nature are reflected.

The fate is different for artists. Ways in the art are different too. The self introduction to the art takes place for different artists at different time. The Moscow painter Ruben Ovanesov's path is not so simple, it's not a straight thumb. Perhaps, that's why using every spare moment trying to convey on a canvas his impressions of what he saw, Ruben paints with care and love to reveal every detail of a visual image. It seems to me that his small sized, not painted in glaring colors canvases are just very organic in ts quiet, relaxed colorful palette. They say as much about those places that represent as much about the author himself, his character, his gentleness, good manners, some special inner warmth and ability to quiet contemplation.

There is just the sad tone of "a small explore" of the wonder and awe onf the beauty of God's world, in any, even the most modest and it would seem the most salient motive of his landscapes, painted during his trips to small towns of the central part of Russia – a quiet province which is precisely sweetheart for Ruben. It seems to me the main features of the creative "creed" of the Moscow painter Ruben Ovanesov are his ability to make the most simple landscape to be poetry, subtly and with some very heartfelt feeling to have to say about what he saw and experienced.

He is full of new ideas all the time in new and emerging equipped with travel sketchbook and canvases – and this is certainly a pledge of creative growth, the emergence of new, unexpected works in which we'll see more subtle skills of the painter Ruben Ovanesov.

Alexei Sukhovetsky